Why does my boyfriend want to record us having sex?

I had met my boyfriend when I had my vacation in a wonderful place of London. I was there for my newly assigned work and position too. I used to be as junior accountant but because of hard work and dedication I was promoted as senior accountant but in another branch inside London. When I had my first step in London I thought I am not going to survive for it was a very huge city and I am just living in a very small city in my country. Yes it is a very big challenge in my part for I have to deal with adjustments with the new set up of my life, career, place and people that I would be facing with. Charrise of London escort.

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I met this man during those days of my life that things were so bad.He has the one helping me through with the roller coaster ride of my journey on my beginning years at London. He is such a good man and a gentleman. He is always there every time I needed some help and most especially he is always there to give me comfort and care in my worst days of my life while staying for the first time in London. Little by little I was able to realize that I am falling in love with him and he feels the same way too. We became lovers and decided to stay together in his place so that we could live a life together.

Our relationship isn’t it perfect but when things go wrong in us we see to it that we will talk about it and make confrontations, do something about it so that it would work as much as we both agreed for we do love each other that much. For me he is an ideal boyfriend. I never a boyfriend since then he is the first boyfriend that I had all my life. He knows it so well and that makes him so proud of himself having a girlfriend that he is the first ever boyfriend.  I know and I can feel that he really loves me too. I never seen him with other woman or even flirting with other woman. He is so open when it comes to his feelings and emotions. He would tell me directly of what he feels on me and with others and that makes us two stronger. He is the man that I am going to marry and when he proposed a marriage on me I never had any doubt I automatically say yes for I don’t want to spend my whole life with other man but only for him. In him and in him alone.

After the engagement he then went to our place specifically in our house to ask the permission of my parents that were getting married. When things were ready and all set us then decided to do the things that only married couple has the unlimited access with. We both decided to do it before the marriage for we both wanted to have a baby soon. But there was this one encounter that we had that he keeps record on us while having sex. After doing so I ask him about it. He explains to me his reasons sincerely and with all honesty. I greatly believe in him for he is a man who keeps memories every time we will celebrate especial occasions he do keep a memories of it and during dull moments and when we had arguments he will then show it to me and would make me realized how we deeply love each other that simple arguments could not ruin our very strong relationship. I never had any doubts in him in taking some records while we are doing sex for he keeps it for his own purpose and we both got the benefits of it. The video is being kept in a very safe account that only the two of us could access. I am not afraid of him nor mistrust him in keeping it privately for his love for me is stronger than the wind and I do really love him that much.